The Queequeg chapter of the Fraternal Order of Moai formed in 2007 and encompasses all of the New England states. The chapter takes its name and symbols from the fictional character in Moby-Dick. The Queequegs host the Northeast Tiki Tour and raise funds to support charities including the C&S Patient Education Foundation (Conquer Chiari).

Chapter Tohunga:
Oceana Nalu
Rua Tohunga:
Kristiki, Manawale'a Avahata
Tagata Tapa Ta'u:
Xtine, Tetu Tagata Tapa Ta'u
Ivi Atua:
Nifertiki, National Ivi Atua
Bargoyle,* Tetu Tiki Gogoro
Cabana Boy
Hahana Heather
Primo Kimo
Professor Pineapple*
Pappy the Sailor
Stephanie, Tetu Tiki Gogoro
Reverend Thumper, Matu'u
The Granite Tiki*
The Granite Wahine
Urban Tiki

* Past Tohunga
Events & Activities:
The Northeast Tiki Tour
Pen-tailed treeshrew

Recent news:  Queequegs become largest FOM Chapter

The Queequeg Chapter has enjoyed an active membership since its founding in 2007. Monthly in-person meetings throughout New England and popular events such as the Northeast Tiki Tour have supported the Queequeg's proud record of member retention and steady growth.

Recently, the Queequeg Chapter acquired two new members: long-time friends Ray (Urban Tiki) Lindsley and James (Primo Kimo) Kathary. We are overjoyed to welcome these Fellows into the fold!

With these additions, the Queequeg Chapter currently stands at 20 members strong, making it the largest FOM chapter for the first time in history.

There are currently nine active chapters in the United States. Learn more about the FOM's chapters here.