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PostPosted: Thu Oct 02, 2008 2:11 pm 
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Joining the F.O.M. requires following a path to membership. It is not an arbitrary process but it is a work in progress which is being refined over time as we grow. This is only a basic overview, we do not want to just come out and say everything about what the F.O.M. is or what all the criteria for entry are. Anyone who wants to know the secrets of the Order can find the answers if they try hard enough (many have and still do).

Anyone is welcome to visit us online and be a Tourist on our virtual islands but only some choose to step on the path to membership.

So you think you have what it takes, eh? Or you at least want to give it a shot? Fair enough.


The F.O.M. is not an internet chat forum. We are an active and vital Order with goals extending far beyond idle conversation. Being a Moai involves ritual, participation, cooperation, ideation, creativity, loyalty, and fellowship. It involves real life effort, not just key tapping.

We as an Order appreciate those who, like us, tend to be the ones who get things done. Sure, we have a forum, and we talk about the subject of tiki here (among a lot of other things), but this website is all just a fancy modern communication tool. It is not the Order itself. The F.O.M. is a group of people, the Moai. We as a collective of individuals are the Order, not the website. Without us and our individual contributions, there is no Order. As such, it is important to us to maintain certain standards for potential Fellows.

We do not care what color you are, where or what you worship, what genitalia you possess, what you do for a living or how much money you have. We do not care if you are famous or popular. We do not really care if you are unpopular.

We do care about your location, because we want to preserve a responsible growth pattern. As such, we seek Moai only within an ever evolving border of influence. If you are not near an active chapter you may want to ask about this. If you begin the membership process from a remote island it may take longer than it would if you lived near a chapter.

We also care how you would represent The F.O.M. as your actions as an individual could, at times, reflect upon the order. It's all well and good if you act like an ASS, but don't make The F.O.M. and your Fellow Moai look like ASSES. As an order, we aspire to be embodiment of the values we espouse, particularly the Aloha Spirit.


You don't need a fancy resume or a letter of recommendation to become one of us. For that we have designed a simple method of entry... the Trials. Tourists who begin the Trials take the title Initiate Moai Ra'e (meaning: "first moai", as in first level) and work to become Fellow Moai.

To become an Initiate Moai Ra'e and begin the Trials you must meet certain eligibility requirements:
    * A Tourist that no Fellow Moai has ever met face-to-face must be an active participant in the Port of the Initiate for at least five months before they can begin. This is so we have time to get to know you a bit.

    * A Tourist that that has met at least two Fellow Moai face-to-face must be an active participant in the Port of the Initiate for at least two months before they can begin. This is so more Moai have time to get to know you.

    * A Tourist that has met five or more Fellow Moai can begin after spending five weeks in the Port of the Initiate.
What does "active participant" mean? It means join in the discussion, tell us about yourself and your interests and read about ours. This isn't a quota system where you have to hit a magic number of posts to be eligible.

To begin the Trials a Tourist must first post a new topic in the Port and announce to the Order that they wish to become Fellow Moai. Nobody here will ask you to join or remind you to do this. You can chat in the Port for years if you like, but if you never officially announce your intent to become a Fellow, you never will be.

Note: Every so often, we have a pair of tourists using the same account. We're glad you've got that special someone, but when it comes to becoming a Moai you need to stand alone. If both members of a couple want to step on the path at the same time, that's fine with us, but you'll need separate accounts and you will need to find separate sponsors. We'll decide where it goes from there.


Before you can continue you must have a sponsor if you do not already have one. You may be offered sponsorship by a Fellow. Or you may need to approach Fellows that you know and ask for sponsorship. Sometimes this can take awhile depending on how well people know you. If you have made an effort to meet the Moai and have been actively participating in the discussion in the Port of the Initiate then things will go faster.

Please be aware that there are eligibility rules for sponsors also and a Fellow may tell you that they are not currently able to sponsor you. If they are willing to sponsor you at a later date when they are able and you are willing to wait that is fine.

Initiates and Sponsors choose each other. If you are offered sponsorship but would prefer to try and gain sponsorship from another Fellow you may politely decline the offer without fear of any penalty. This is your right.

The very best way to gain a sponsor before or after a declaration of intent is to get out and meet the Moai at events. We are not hard to find and meeting us should be a top priority for any prospective Initiate Moai Ra'e.

Once you have been offered sponsorship and accepted it you become an Initiate Moai Ra'e and the Trials are underway.


Yes, there are five, and no, we will not tell you much else about them. You will actively participate in three of them, and gaining a sponsor is the first. Other than that, you will have to wait and see what comes.

Your efforts will be judged and not all who complete the Trials will be accepted. Some have had to try more than once.

There are deadlines and if you fail to meet them with no reasonable excuse you may be asked to start all over again.

The Fraternal Order of Moai is committed to the ideals of fellowship in an environment of fun, humor and respect. Hazing is not permitted during the Trials. You will hear more about this from your sponsor at the appropriate time.

So that is it. Everything one would need to know in order to gain entry. Everything else about the Order and its inner workings is secret and only available to Fellows.

We hope this helps. Keep in mind that obviously folks do get in. It is not impossible. But it does take time and effort.

Keep the torches burning.

Today's message brought to you by the Number 2 and the Letter F.

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