Today is Black Tot Day!

Royal Navy LogoThe Moai are fond of rum, some might even say we are obsessed with rum. Just ask Scottes.

So today we drink to mark Black Tot Day: July 31, 1970. On this dark day the Royal Navy ended over two centuries of tradition, piped "Up Spirits," and served the last "tot," or ration, of rum aboard ships of Her Majesty's Royal Navy. Losing an empire would make us increase the rum ration but maybe we aren't navy material.

Navy Grog!Join us. Any good Navy Grog recipe will do (there are many), especially if you use an ice cone to hold the straw. Or if you are a traditionalist take a 95 proof navy rum and prepare your ration by the official Royal Navy regulations as of 1970.

— 1 gill of rum (a quarter pint, 4oz)
— 1 cup of water

— Add lime juice and dark cane sugar to taste

Normally this is divided into two servings: one before noon and a second at the end of the working day but do what you have to do.

If you prefer, go by the 1756 regulations: 2 gills of rum, 1 quart of water, lime and sugar to taste. Makes two servings. We don't recommend going up into the rigging afterwards.

— Tagata Maori Rogorogo

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