Red Palms Chapter uses highway for community outreach

Aloha! From the beginning the members of the Red Palms Chapter wanted to be all about community service. Before the chapter had even been recognized an application was filed with the Illinois Adopt-A-Highway program requesting responsibility for… more »

The Aloha State

Aloha! On August 21, 1959, Hawaii was admitted to the Union and became the 50th state after six decades as a U.S. Territory. The overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy and the annexation of the islands is still controversial today after over a century.… more »

How F.O.M. works: The Coconut Economy

Aloha, It goes without saying that the Moai are a talented bunch of people. Some are so talented that they use their skills to make a living as artisans. This forms the basis of the economy of the Islands of the Fraternal Order of Moai which we call… more »

Moai gather in Ohio for Hot Rod Hula Hop IV

Aloha! The fourth annual Hot Rod Hula Hop roared into Columbus last weekend with the blessings of the tiki gods and the support of dedicated sponsors and donors. Largo's Tavern was the place to be Friday night when Hot Rod Hula Hop IV kicked off with… more »

Hot Rod Hula Hop IV is this weekend!

Aloha! The Moai are heading to Ohio by planes, trains and automobiles with all manner of rum, carvings and other exotic gear in tow. In an early morning press conference KukuAhu appealed to the Tiki Gods for good fortune and good weather before… more »

Gumbo Limbo Chapter supports local humane society

Members of the Fraternal Order of Moai have diverse interests but we all agree on the value of good works. The Moai in South Florida share an interest in supporting animal shelters. When the Humane Society of Broward County was raising funds by… more »
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