Hot Rod Hula Hop IV is this weekend!

Hot Rod Hula Hop IV - August 8-9, 2008


Dog in fezThe Moai are heading to Ohio by planes, trains and automobiles with all manner of rum, carvings and other exotic gear in tow.

In an early morning press conference KukuAhu appealed to the Tiki Gods for good fortune and good weather before reading a prepared statement to deny rumors of a F.O.M. precipitated lime shortage in the Columbus, OH, area. Local officials also said that limes were in good supply and advised residents to put on a colorful shirt and remain calm.

Questions about secret rituals involving fezzes and corn received a "no comment."

Preparations at Largo's Tavern are at a fever pitch and it looks like this will be fantastic weekend event.

See you there,

— Tagata Maori Rogorogo

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