Red Palms Chapter uses highway for community outreach


From the beginning the members of the Red Palms Chapter wanted to be all about community service. Before the chapter had even been recognized an application was filed with the Illinois Adopt-A-Highway program requesting responsibility for cleaning a one mile stretch of roadway leading into downtown Aurora each month.

Trading in Hawaiian shirts for orange safety vests and collecting trash may not sound entertaining but you can find odd things on the side of the road so members have a contest to find the most unusual item of the day as they work. In addition to collecting enough hubcaps for one of the chapter member's sons to make an art sculpture with, they have come across car bumpers, cell phones, house keys, I-pass toll booth transponders, a large stack of empty liquor bottles, and several items that may be related: condom wrappers, panties and a box of Cialis.

Hey, Route 25 in Aurora, Illinois, is starting to sound like a good place to find a party!

Along the way they have made new friends and local residents like "Aurora Rick" and "Borealis Mark" welcome the chapter members every month with a driveway to park safely in, cool drinks, and a golf cart to help haul bags of trash in.

— Tagata Maori Rogorogo

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