Happy Birthday, Trader Vic!

"Dedicated to those merry souls who make drinking a pleasure; who achieve contentedness long before capacity; and who, whenever they drink, prove able to carry it, enjoy it, and remain ladies and gentlemen." -- Trader Vic


Victor J. Bergeron, Jr. was born in San Francisco on this day in 1902. By the time he was thirty he had opened a small pub called Hinky Dinks but it wasn't long before the restaurant took on a tropical theme and was renamed Trader Vic's.

This brand name would become legendary for its quality, distinction and style as The Trader built a chain of restaurants around the world in competition with other colorful places like Don the Beachcomber and Kon-Tiki Ports.

As we mark his birthday this year the Moai are eagerly awaiting the return of the Trader Vic's brand to Chicago on December 15th.

Keep the torches burning,

— Tagata Maori Rogorogo

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