Meet the Moai

Aloha! Got the winter blues? Get that aloha shirt out of the closet and come out to meet the Moai. In addition to running great events all F.O.M. chapters hold regular meet & greet events in their areas. They will be announced in the Port of the… more »

Hod Rod Hula Hop 5 postponed

Aloha, Hot Rod Hula Hop 5, originally scheduled for August 7th and 8th, is being postponed. New dates have not been set but "The Hop" will not be held in 2009. Everyone here in the islands is disappointed about this turn of events but several factors… more »

Do you serve Mai Tais on this flight?

Aloha, The Ipu Ki staff is heading out for a fact finding mission in Las Vegas. We want to have a Mai Tai at Trader Vic's while we watch the Bellagio fountains across the street. Plus we hear that the newest tiki bar in Sin City has some work by Fellow… more »

The Great Molasses Flood of 1919

Aloha! Today we turn our eye towards the territory of the Queequeg Chapter of the Order and mark the anniversary of the Great Molasses Flood which occurred in Boston, Mass., on January 15, 1919. For many years Boston was one point in the triangle… more »

Meet the Moai in 2009

Aloha and Happy New Year! We can't say it enough, if you really want to know the Moai then you need to meet us in person. If you are considering becoming an Initiate Moai Ra'e and following the path to membership in the F.O.M. then you must meet us in… more »

Why do Moai wear a blue fez?

Aloha! We get a lot of questions about the fez since it is a distinctive piece of headgear that stands out in any crowd. Let's cover the two most common questions and then look at the history of the fez. Yes, it is fun to wear one! No, you cannot… more »

Moai Celebrate Fourth Poreko

Aloha! "Poreko" means "to be born" in the language of the people of Rapa Nui. The Fraternal Order of Moai was born four years ago today on January 1, 2005, when KukuAhu created a web forum and began inviting ohana in Columbus, Ohio, to join the next… more »
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