Moai, meet Moai

Aloha, Fellow Moai Leisure Master has recently traveled to Rapa Nui (Easter Island) to take in the sights and see our brothers and sisters in the southern hemisphere. At last report he was galavanting around Chile and we are wondering if he will ever… more »

Red Palms Chapter welcomes Vic to the neighborhood

  Aloha, On Saturday, February 7th, the Red Palms chapter of the F.O.M. invaded Trader Vic’s Chicago for a Meet & Greet and to check out the Trader’s new digs in the Windy City. The evening started with a round of complimentary Mai Tais in… more »

Happy Birthday, Don the Beachcomber!

Aloha, Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt was born February 22, 1907. After leaving home in 1926 and traveling around the Caribbean and South Pacific he landed in California and eventually opened a place called Don's Beachcomber where he served an unusual… more »

What to do on Valentine's Day

Aloha! What is the perfect activity for couples this Saturday? So-called "experts" will tell you the best formula involves flowers, chocolate, jewelry and a nice romantic dinner for two at some stuffy place with a name like Chez Francois. Wrong!… more »

FOM: As seen on TV

Aloha, The Moai are known for their politically incorrect sense of humor so it is no surprise that when asked to choose a super hero for these trying times the Hoa Manu of the Order instead chose a super villain. However, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow didn't… more »

Support Your Local Tiki Bar

Aloha, We have word from Jim Bacchi of the Tikiyaki Orchestra that Kona Restaurant in Huntington Beach is having troubled times. Many tikiphiles will recognize Kona's original name: Sam's Seafood. The last few years have been difficult for this well… more »

Groundhog Day

Aloha and Happy Groundhog Day, Sure, go ahead and ask, what does Groundhog Day have to do with the Moai? Well, for starters we'd like to send greetings to the Inner Circle in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, on their special day of the year. Top hats and… more »
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