Team Queequeg not done walking

Aloha and Malaho from the Moai! MS Walk 2009 was held in Maine last weekend and the Walking Moai of the Queequeg Chapter were in attendance. The weather was beautiful and the team took great pride in offering a gigantic check to a surprised Denise… more »

How F.O.M. works: The Test Labs

Aloha, The recent announcement from the F.O.M. Test Labs generated a number of reader responses, mostly along the lines of: "What the heck are the F.O.M. Test Labs???" Good question! Also surprisingly difficult to answer given the secrecy that… more »

Four days. $2,000.

Aloha, Team Queequeg has four days to raise $2,000 more in order to reach their ambitious $10,000 fundraising goal. Can they do it? Can you help? Please show your support for Team Queequeg and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. It is easy to… more »

Important news from F.O.M. Test Labs

Aloha! We have received very sad news from the F.O.M. Test Labs this afternoon. The Test Labs Clone Team reports that the last of the Timmy Line of clones has died. Details are still being investigated, but initial reports indicate he was working with… more »

Buy tickets for Ohana: Luau at the Lake and get a free souvenir glass!

Aloha! Be sure to book your tickets for Ohana: Luau at the Lake by April 30th. All early ticket buyers will receive a reproduction of the hurricane glass that was used at the Tiki Motor Inn Resort years ago. The entertainment bill for the event is now… more »

Meet the Moai

Aloha! Spring is here! Get that aloha shirt out of the closet and come out to meet the Moai. In addition to running great events all F.O.M. chapters hold regular meet & greet events in their areas. They will be announced in the Port of the… more »
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