Thanks To Our Veteran Sponsors

Aloha! Everyone here at the Ipu Ki News Hut is very excited! Why? For two reasons. First, Ohana Luau at the Lake 2010 begins one month from now and along with our other generous sponsors we're very happy to welcome back a group of sponsors that have… more »

Thanks To Returning Ohana Sponsors

Aloha! Part of the reason that there will be an Ohana Luau at the Lake in 2010 is because a number of new sponsors stepped up in 2009 and took a chance on group of people wearing blue fezzes with a crazy idea to have a Fall tiki event in Lake George.… more »

May is Zombie Awareness Month

Aloha, Thanks to the folks over at the Zombie Research Society word is spreading about the zombie threat and this month is Zombie Awareness Month so take a moment to ask your friends if they are prepared. And be sure to let them know the threat is real… more »
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