The Moai Missing Link

Aloha, One of the mysteries of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) is the connection between the Moai statue builders and the Tangata Manu (Bird-man) cult that followed them. Was the traditional ideology overthrown? Did they co-exist? Only one known artifact… more »

It's an Endless Summer at Festiki 2010

Aloha! The Endless Summer, the iconic 1966 surf movie, joins the sponsors and partners aboard Festiki 2010, which takes place August 14 in Dayton, Ohio. The exclusive distributor of the entire Bruce Brown surf movie catalog, monterey media, will launch… more »

Experience the Beachcomber Trio live from the Kahiki Supper Club

Aloha! When Columbus restaurateurs' Bill Sapp and Lee Henry created the legendary Kahiki Supper Club they recruited Marsh Padilla to fill the Music Bar with a unique Latin Jazz/Hawaiian/Lounge musical hybrid. Marcel "Marsh" Padilla had played with Juan… more »

F.O.M. Test Labs acquires M1B

Aloha, The F.O.M. Test Labs puts a great deal of resources into combating the zombie menace here on Earth and this includes weapons development of course. But in a rare move the Test Labs have approved an outside purchase of the new M1B Rocket… more »

Ohana Luau at the Lake, Oh What a Weekend! Again!

Aloha, Anticipation for the second Ohana Luau at the Lake was so high we couldn't wait a full year to sound the call again to gather tikiphiles from all around North America and Europe at the Tiki Resort in Lake George, New York. So the word went out… more »

New Honui inducted at National Convention

Aloha, Twelve Fellow Moai have received the blue fez during a ritual held during the Order's National Convention in Lake George, New York. Only certain Moai are called upon to wear the blue F.O.M. fez. They are Honui Moai, considered a person worthy… more »

F.O.M. holds National Convention

Aloha, Last month the Fellows of the Fraternal Order of Moai gathered for the first time at a national convention. Representatives were sent by every chapter of the Order and many of the Moai Tungane were summoned by the Matu'u. Tagata A'o KukuAhu and… more »
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