F.O.M. holds National Convention


National Convention

Last month the Fellows of the Fraternal Order of Moai gathered for the first time at a national convention. Representatives were sent by every chapter of the Order and many of the Moai Tungane were summoned by the Matu'u.

Tagata A'o KukuAhu and Matu'u Cowtown Kahuna began to welcome Fellows and guests at an opening reception but other members of the Sacred 5, led by the Hoa Manu, interrupted the proceedings to present each of them with a new leadership fez inscribed with their title. After the reception Fellow Moai and guests gathered for a torchlight parade to the shore of the lake to witness a ritual performed by the Honui.

In the morning members gathered to mark the fifth anniversary of the founding of the Order, hear reports from standing committees and vote on an initial set of bylaws for the newly formed Fraternal Order of Moai, Inc., an Ohio nonprofit corporation.

Easter Island Foundation

After unanimously adopting the bylaws the members welcomed David Rose, President of the Board of Directors for the Easter Island Foundation, and his wife Gail Rose, a member of the foundation's scholarship committee. Mr. Rose thanked the Moai for supporting the foundation and then gave a presentation on the work of the E.I.F., updated members on the first recipient of The Fraternal Order of Moai Scholarship, and then showed a video produced by students participating in 'a pó, the Rapa Nui Youth Involvement Program, which is also supported by the Order.

Before ending the meeting the Matu'u laid out goals for the next five years and the F.O.M. Test Labs have already begun work on the flying cars and personal jetpacks needed to complete the plan.

After the close of the business meeting members broke into groups to participate in seminars on skills like mixology, lamp making, and carving. However, the lamp makers and carvers complained that the mixologists were not providing them with free drinks.

The day ended with the outrageous "In The Air Tonight" 80s themed prom at the amazing Whispers night club in Lake George followed by a midnight outdoor biergarten hosted by the Kon-Tiki Chapter.

Keep the torches burning,

—Tagata Maori Rogorogo

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