Vernon's Orders

Aloha, Two hundred and seventy years ago Admiral Edward "Old Grog" Vernon issued his infamous Order to Captains No. 349 on August 21st, 1740. His goal was to improve health and reduce drunkenness aboard ships of the Royal Navy so he ordered that every… more »

New Honui inducted at Festiki 2010

Aloha, Two Fellow Moai have received the blue fez during a ritual held at Festiki 2010 in Dayton, Ohio. Only certain Moai are called upon to wear the blue F.O.M. fez. They are Honui Moai, considered a person worthy of respect and of authority. It is… more »

Meet the Moai

Aloha! In addition to running great events all F.O.M. chapters hold regular meet & greet events in their areas. They will be announced in the Port of the Initiate, posted on the Astronomical Calculator of the Gods and Facebook. If you are near one… more »

Important News From The Lake!

Aloha, We have received an urgent video transmission from the Ohana Luau at the Lake headquarters in Lake George, New York. For updates please visit or See you at the Lake! —Tagata Maori… more »
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