More Breaking News from the F.O.M. Test Labs

Aloha, The staff at the F.O.M. Test Labs have been calling in a lot this week, they seem to think we have nothing better to do here at Ipu Ki. From what we can tell off-duty staff have reached the lab headquarters and are investigating an incident… more »

Breaking News from the F.O.M. Test Labs

Aloha, We never know if the boys down at the F.O.M. Test Labs are being serious with us. They call the Ipu Ki bungalow with all sorts of weird ideas and always in the middle of the night. But this latest call seems more serious or at least the screams… more »

Tech saavy mixologists hail return of Tiki+ app

Aloha, Beachbum Berry's Tiki+ app for iPhone and iPod Touch was getting a lot of buzz a year ago when it suddenly disappeared from the iTunes app store in the spring. Skorpiostech's other excellent app Cocktails+ soon followed. There are many other… more »

Meet the Moai

Aloha! In addition to running great events all F.O.M. chapters hold regular meet & greet events in their areas. They will be announced in the Port of the Initiate, posted on the Astronomical Calculator of the Gods and Facebook. If you are near one… more »

F.O.M. sends increased annual donation to Easter Island Foundation

Aloha and Happy New Year! We are very pleased to announce that after closing the books for 2010 the Fraternal Order of Moai, Inc., an Ohio non-profit corporation, has donated $5,000 to the Easter Island Foundation to support scholarships for youth from… more »

Moai Celebrate Sixth Poreko

Aloha! The Fraternal Order of Moai was founded in Columbus, Ohio, six years ago today on January 1, 2005. In the darkness a torch was lit and in the light of that torch was a circle of faces which founded the Fellowship. That circle continues to grow… more »
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