More Breaking News from the F.O.M. Test Labs


The staff at the F.O.M. Test Labs have been calling in a lot this week, they seem to think we have nothing better to do here at Ipu Ki.

From what we can tell off-duty staff have reached the lab headquarters and are investigating an incident that occurred Monday night. It appears that several clones have been killed, which doesn't seem unusual from what we hear, but everyone is unsure by who or what.

By recording calls from the lab and analyzing the background noise we have learned that, "Experiment 19F-DOLL has been compromised." And also heard the warning, "don't tell the Bargoyle about this."

Based on past investigations of the Labs we believe the experiment number indicates it involves a female clone with a maximum age of 19. Ipu Ki will keep you updated with the latest information as it becomes available.

Keep the torches burning,

—Tagata Maori Rogorogo

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