Sally is on the loose!


The Ipu Ki staff is on the job tracking Sally, an escaped clone designed for Bargoyle. Sally, a.k.a. Experiment 19F-DOLL, has mutated into a highly capable zombie following an accident in the F.O.M. Test Labs.

This just in! Sally has been sighted!

Apparently, she wandered into a taping of "The Walking Dead" in Atlanta, Georgia, without being noticed. Staff writers believe this was not due to any innate talent, but mostly because she chewed the head off a security guard at a back gate and fit in with the extras. While being singled out for a close up, she apparently bit several fingers off of the director on the set when he didn't like her method acting.

In the ensuing confusion she shambled off into the woods before Zombie Suppression Unit containment teams could get to the area. At last report the teams apparently shot several extras "just in case" and have brought in a squad of women volleyball players from a local college for "questioning." The director was also taken to an undisclosed location for observation.

Sally is fast moving and dangerous due to the incompetence of the F.O.M. Test Labs. Take all standard anti-Zombie precautions and stock up on supplies.

—Tagata Maori Rogorogo

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