Sally spotted again!

Aloha, Ipu Ki is on the job! Sally was sighted again, this time in Boulder Colorado when a shambling hiker attracted a shambling Sally who then tried to chew through his throat. He managed to escape and is recuperating at FOM Test Labs as we speak,… more »

The Tiki Resort now sold Out for Ohana! Overflow hotels announced!

  Aloha! You're hearing it first here (well, second actually, our reporters have been doing research at the Mai-Kai and haven't been seen for several days)! The Tiki Resort is now sold out for Ohana! This is great news as it shows that public… more »

Ohana Luau at the Lake tickets are on sale!

  Aloha, Exciting news continues to come in from the Lake. First, Bamboo Saxotica is returning to Ohana again this year and will join our other entertainers on the main stage. We also hear that Pablus will be in town so the uke fans are sure to… more »

F.O.M. Scholarships awarded by Easter Island Foundation

Aloha, In 2010 the Fraternal Order of Moai donated a $4,500 to the Easter Island Foundation to fund two scholarships to be offered to Rapa Nui students for use in paying college expenses. Funds for this gift and other donations to the E.I.F. were… more »
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