Sally spotted again!


Ipu Ki is on the job! Sally was sighted again, this time in Boulder Colorado when a shambling hiker attracted a shambling Sally who then tried to chew through his throat. He managed to escape and is recuperating at FOM Test Labs as we speak, where he is being quarantined and fed Zombies intravenously(Donn Beach's original recipe). We suspect the Test Labs staff is pretty sure the patient is toast but are making the cocktails as a way to get drunk again on the company dime.

Zombie suppression units attempted to warn the public but the public appears to not want help. By the time the Boulder DOT turned the signs back off, the suppression units were already out of the area. To all Moai in the Colorado, be on the lookout. The rest of you, you're on your own!

—Tagata Maori Rogorogo

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