Sally heading East


Your fearless Ipu Ki staff have been on the job! Well, they've been drinking on the job, but on the job they were.

FOM Test Labs staff appear to be sober for a change also and sources within the test labs report they have been retraining the zombie suppression unit with updated procedures, drink recipes, and pre-recorded motivational speeches by Cave Johnson.

Some reports seem to indicate Sally may be headed East at this time, and Moai across the nation have been reporting strange occurrences and sightings along the way. Have you seen Sally? Both Ipu Ki and and the FOM test labs want to know!

Should you see Sally, please contact the F.O.M. Test Labs so they can dispatch additional Zombie Suppression Units to the appropriate area of the country. Please be specific in your reports. May is Zombie Awareness Month and we expect things to be busy at the Labs.

We here at Ipu Ki will continue to keep you updated with Sally news as we learn of it.

Keep the torches burning,

—Tagata Maori Rogorogo

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