Ohana Luau at the Lake tickets are on sale! Overflow hotel announced!

Aloha, Exciting news continues to come in from the Lake. First, tickets are now on sale! The 2012 event ticket is still only $85. That all-in-one price gets you access to Friday, Saturday and Sunday events and as always this includes dinner at the… more »

The Tiki Resort now sold out for Ohana! Ticket sales begin soon!

Aloha! The latest news from Lake George is that all rooms at the Tiki Resort have been reserved for Ohana Luau at the Lake 2012. But don't worry. We'll be announcing options for overflow hotels nearby very soon! Ticket sales will also begin soon so… more »

The countdown to Ohana 2012 begins!

Aloha! What is the most exciting news for 2012? No, not the end of the 13th Baktun of the Mayan Calendar! The big news is Ohana Luau at the Lake 2012. A big part of the success of Ohana is our sponsors who will all be listed on our web site. We're… more »
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