F.O.M. 2013 Scholarships awarded by Easter Island Foundation

Iorana, In 2012 the Fraternal Order of Moai, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(10) organization founded in 2005, donated a $5,500 to the Easter Island Foundation to fund two scholarships to be offered to Rapa Nui students for use in paying college expenses.… more »

How F.O.M. works: Moai Tungane

Aloha! The Fraternal Order of Moai is a growing organization and, yes, we are looking for a few good Moai. If you are interested in joining there is a path to membership that must be followed. You will need to decide if you want to begin that journey.… more »

Groundhog Attack on FOM

Aloha, Ipu Ki has learned that genetically enhanced groundhogs, using Groundhog Day celebrations as a distraction, have staged a cyber attack on the Fraternal Order of Moai web site, successfully blocking access to the world famous Huimalu forums.… more »
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