How F.O.M. works: Moai Tungane



The Fraternal Order of Moai is a growing organization and, yes, we are looking for a few good Moai.

If you are interested in joining there is a path to membership that must be followed. You will need to decide if you want to begin that journey. But if you do, we'd like to hear from you.

What's that you say? You don't live near one of our chapters?

This is an important consideration because we do care about your location. The Order wants to preserve a responsible growth pattern therefore we seek Moai within an ever evolving border of influence.

But if we only recruited new Moai who lived near active chapters the Order would never grow. No matter where you live you can step on the path. This is where the Moai Tungane come in.

The Wandering Moai

Tungane (meaning "brother," as in brother of all chapters) are Fellow Moai without a chapter in their hometown or region. It is the duty of the Tungane to try to spread the Aloha Spirit and word of the FOM within their region in hopes of developing their own local chapter. In the absence of a chapter affiliation and Tohunga, Tungane honor the Matu'u.

So, if you are not near an active chapter there is still a path to membership and an opportunity to be the vanguard of the F.O.M. in your area. But you must understand that if you begin the membership process from a remote island it may take longer than it would if you lived near a chapter. Getting to know the Moai in person is a critical part of the process so you will need to make an effort to meet Fellows who are traveling in your area or by attending events that Fellows are participating in.

There may even be Moai Tungane in your area right now.

Keep the torches burning,

—Tagata Maori Rogorogo

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