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In 2012 the Fraternal Order of Moai, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(10) organization founded in 2005, donated a $5,500 to the Easter Island Foundation to fund two scholarships to be offered to Rapa Nui students for use in paying college expenses. The Easter Island Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1989, was named by the Moai as our national charity in 2008.

Funds for this gift and other donations to the E.I.F. were raised at Ohana Luau at the Lake 2012 in Lake George, New York.
The Easter Island Foundation Scholarship Committee has selected the scholarship recipients for 2013.


The Fraternal Order of Moai Award: $3,000.

Lafquen is in her fourth year of studying social anthropology at the Universidad Católica de Temuco. Her studies include recognition of the importance of the traditional knowledge of indigenous peoples. It is her belief that cultural knowledge should not only be preserved, but also transmitted to future generations to encourage pride in their ancestry. Through her education, Lafquen wants to document the cultural traditions and the ancestral knowledge of the Rapa Nui elders.


The Fraternal Order of Moai Tangata Manu Award: $2,500.

Pamina is in her fifth year at the School of Architecture and Design, Pontifica Universidad Catolica, Valparaíso. The study of architecture has enabled her to combine two subjects she is passionate about: art and history. After she completes her studies, she would like to work towards reinforcing two of the island’s economic mainstays: fishing and tourism. One of her ideas is to develop a long term project working with other disciplines towards creating a marine reserve on the island for endangered species, with the goal of having a sustainable ecosystem. She is also interested in preserving the ancestral methods of fishing to both revive these traditions and use them for tourism. She envisions development of an interpretive trail along the coastline that emphasizes the importance of fishing and marine resources to the ancestral Rapanu that will help educate visitors about the island’s coastal resources.

Meanwhile here in the virtual islands, plans for Ohana Luau at the Lake 2013 in June are rolling along and proceeds from this event will help to fund another scholarship next year. Come join the Moai at the Lake and experience fun with a purpose for yourself.

If you would like to support the work of the Easter Island Foundation directly you can make a personal donation and become a Member. Tell 'em the Moai sent you.

Keep the torches burning,

—Tagata Maori Rogorogo

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