Happy Poreko


The Fraternal Order of Moai was founded in Columbus, Ohio, nine years ago today on January 1, 2005. In the darkness a torch was lit and in the light of that torch was a circle of faces which founded the Fellowship.

That circle continues to grow and 2013 was a busy year for the Fellowship as we gathered to work and play at events like Ohana: Luau at the Lake and the reborn Hot Rod Hula Hop. Moai also gathered at countless other formal and informal events around the country while looking for a few more people who are "Moai material."

By the way all those events resulted in plenty of money being donated to charity, so it isn't work, it is "fun with a purpose."

We also started our largest preservation project, acquiring "George" the iconic fountain from the Kahiki Supper Club at auction and starting planning to relocate it and put it on public display again.

After a busy night of celebrating Poreko today may be spent on more mundane chores like packing up instruments, cleaning glasses and bar tools but then it will be time to start work on our projects and good works for 2014. Be sure to come out and see us at a F.O.M. sponsored event like Ohana, or the Hop, or the returning Northeast Tiki Tour... or anywhere else that the Moai may gather, just look for events with any combination of tiki, rum and tomfoolery.

Keep the torches burning,

—Tagata Maori Rogorogo

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