Hot Rod Hula Hop 6 tickets on sale now!


The Hot Rod Hula Hop 7 band lineup is now locked and loaded, and it’s our biggest and best yet! That’s saying something, considering past years have brought you The Supersuckers, The Madeira, Waitiki, Fisherman, Daikaiju, The Cocktail Preachers and The Koffin Kats, among many others.

We tip our fez to Kuku Ahu, who has booked Hot Rod Hula Hop’s performers since the inaugural event in 2005. He’s knocked it out of the park this year with the legendary Unknown Hinson, Milwaukee’s The Revomatics, Cleveland’s The Whiskey Daredevils and a host of other great regional acts.

What does Ahu himself have to say about this year’s bands?

“This year’s lineup for me is like when you are playing poker and you know without a doubt that you have the winning hand at the table. All aces. Royal flush. I’m very excited to see the cards on the table and watch it all play out. It is just that good,” said Ahu over a well-deserved Navy Grog.

Don’t miss Hot Rod Hula Hop — the Midwest’s biggest summer tiki festival — on August 7 & 8 in Columbus, Ohio! Tickets are on sale now at!

Keep the Torches Burning,

—Tagata Maori Rogorogo

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