Introducing the Fraternal Order of Moai Foundation


For the past ten years the Fraternal Order of Moai has been steadily growing our “Good Works” – community service and charity fundraising. The Fellowship has been overjoyed by the success of our efforts and we thank all of the people who attend and sponsor those activities.

As a nonprofit fraternal order we have been able to do many things to pursue this mission but there are limits to what is allowed. We also want to be sure that the Order is putting energy into the other activities that we participate in as a Fellowship and social network.

To achieve all these things the Order decided to form a sister organization, the Fraternal Order of Moai Foundation, which will become the umbrella for all of our Good Works. After review, the IRS has accepted our application and the Foundation has been granted exempt 501(c)(3) status.

There is more work to do but we look forward to building and growing this charitable foundation. Stay tuned to Ipu Ki for updates.

Mahalo for your support past, present, and future.

Keep the Torches Burning!

–Tagata Maori Rogorogo

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