I'VE HEARD: Somebody On The Internet Is Talking About The FOM!

                            I just heard about a blog posting that tells all about The Fraternal Order Of Moai, on tikiwithray.com. Click the link at the top of this article to read it - it's a great history reminder for all Fellows, and a solid… more »

I've Heard!

                            ATTENTION Fraternal Order of Moai Fellows and all tiki bliss seekers! I'VE HEARD there are some exciting things coming to the FOM blog, make sure you check in often to see what's up! I'VE HEARD it's going to be entertaining… more »

2017 Hula Hop Is Coming!

For the past few years the Kahiki Chapter of the Fraternal Order of Moai has had the honor and privilege to host the Hot Rod Hula Hop. The event has always delivered on its promise of a good time for a good cause. This year the Kahiki Chapter Fellows… more »
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