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It's Coming! Only 1 day until Ohana at the Lake kicks off (June 22-24)! Yeah - there is going to be a lot of fun! Yeah - there is going to be a lot of music! Yeah - there is going to be a lot of Tiki vendors! Yeah - there might even be a few adult beverages (ahem). You know what else there is going to be a lot of? No? Well here's how you can find out, and make Ohana at the Lake an even bigger success than in years past: Donate to The Silent Auction! The Silent Auction at Ohana at the Lake raises money for our organization's primary charity, The Easter Island Foundation Scholarships http://islandheritage.org/wordpress. The FOM Foundation turns the proceeds of the auction over to The Easter Island Foundation after the event, and can raise as much as $6000.00 for scholarships to kids living on the Islands

To donate to the Ohana at the Lake Silent Auction prior to the event you can go to the website http://www.fraternalorderofmoai.org/ohana/silentauction.php. There we will ask you for an image of the item (doesn’t have to be some fancy Ansel Adams type picture just as long as we can tell what it is), and a description of the item. With that information, we can post the items onto the Silent Auction website. We will also get your name and contact information so that a receipt can be provided to you for tax deduction purposes if that is applicable to you – these are sent out with thank you notes after the event ends. All kinds of items can be donated (art, kitschy things, Tiki items, cocktail tools - hell we will take most anything if it raises a few bucks!)! It helps if you get to us at least week before the event so that we can do all the prep work to get things ready for the auction, but we will also take items at the event because: It’s For The Kids! If you are bringing the items with you, they can be dropped off when you pick up your badge and swag bag. If you are flying in and need to ship the item in advance – indicate that when you go to the website above and you will be given instructions on how to do that.

So dig through that attic, dig through those drawers (Really? C’mon - you know what kind of drawers I mean!), look on your shelves and see what you can donate to help The FOM raise money for scholarships. You’ll feel good about it – trust me. Just Do It!

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