I'VE HEARD! That The Kon-Tiki Chapter Fellows Will Be Getting Free Cocktails Very Soon!

Link: http://www.fraternalorderofmoai.org/news/index.php

I've Heard that the Kon-Tiki Chapter of the FOM now has an official Kon-Tiki Chapter Challenge Coin! If that thing gets slapped down on the bar next to you 'Fellow FOM Types' - and you don't have a Challenge Coin to respond with? Oooohhhhh - I'd make sure you carry a lot of cash with you - it could get ugly. To spare yourself the pain of buying cocktails for Kon-Tikis all night (the Kon-Tikis will not notice your suffering - they will be too busy ingesting that free cocktail!) - I might suggest that you check in with the Kon-Tiki folks and they might be able to tell you how your chapter can get a Chapter Challenge Coin too. But wait a bit if you will please - they would like a few free cocktails on your dime first!


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