I'VE HEARD! That The FOM Is Now Represented On The West Coast!!!

Link: http://www.fraternalorderofmoai.org/news/index.php


I've Heard that the FOM is now represented on the West Coast in California - and IT'S ABOUT TIME!!! We welcome our newest Chapter -introducing the UTA URU Chapter of the FOM! Let Suzanne, the Tohunga of the Uta Uru Chapter give you all the details:

Welcoming California to the FOM!

The Fraternal Order of Moai now has chapters from Coast to Coast. Welcome to Uta Uru, the newest chapter, residing in the San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding areas.

I was introduced to the FOM in '07 at the Hukilau, and became Moai in 2008 as a Boston Queequeg. After moving back home to California, the other California fellows and I held long time dreams of a truly nationwide organization. Finally, this has become reality. We are so excited that the FOM can finally dip her toes into the Pacific - this golden day has been a long time coming! California is well overdue for a good dose of JA/TF/DFB (YB!). Also, I'm so proud of my leadership team here on the Golden Coast - Rua Tohunga Skillbilly has really brought his all to make this chapter happen! I hope our So Cal fellows will come up and enjoy some good fellowship - and together we can set our sights on a So Cal chapter too!

Uta Uru is:
-Tohunga: Suzanne (Suzanne)
-Rua Tohunga: (Skillbilly)
-Tagata Tapa Ta'u/Avahata: (Kepelitiki)
-Founding Chapter Member: (Rugbymatt)
-Founding Chapter Member: (Tane)
-Founding Chapter Member: (Scootiki)

Additional Chapter Roles:
-Ritual Master: Hoa Timo (ʻano hana haku) (Tane)
-Forum Master: (Scootiki)
-Chapter Name: Uta Uru - “Western Shore” - Maori
-Chapter Color: Gold
-Chapter Logo, Dues and Philanthropy to be decided at future date.

Thank You Suzanne! And so it is that we welcome our newest chapter to the FOM family! When you meet any members of the new chapter, be sure to congratulate them and remind them that the FNGs have to buy drinks for all other FOM fellows for a year - it's The Law! (I just made that up, but since it's a new chapter - you might be able to get one or two cocktails off them before they catch on...)


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