I'VE HEARD! The FOM Ohana Luau at the Lake Provides GREAT Scholarships For Easter Island Students!

Link: http://www.fraternalorderofmoai.org/ohana/


The rumblings have been present all week! With an ear to the ground - I've Heard that the Ohana Luau at the Lake event put on by the FOM has provided a lot of scholarship money for students living on Easter Island! We asked Princess Pupule of the FOM (and one of the main fellows behind the event) to give us all some details on what was accomplished this year and some background on what we have done in the past.

For people not familiar with Ohana Luau at the Lake, please give a quick overview of the event and it’s ‘Fun With A Purpose’ charity goals.
(PP): Ohana Luau at the Lake is an awesome Tiki weekend event held at the Tiki Resort, a 1950’s throwback located in the town of Lake George, New York. (“Ohana” is an Hawaiian culture word for ‘family’, in an extended sense of the term). Ohana Luau at the Lake is an exciting weekend of fun, live music, cocktails, shopping and camaraderie with the Ohana, during a weekend that many look forward to all year long. AND - if it isn’t enough to have an AWESOME Tiki weekend – the event is done to raise money for The Fraternal Order of Moai’s charity of choice: The Easter Island Foundation, a 501c(3). A majority of the funds raised are being used to fund scholarships for people from Easter Island, with the remaining funds used to support other programs that enrich the island and the people who live there.

I believe Ohana Luau at the Lake is coming up on its 10th year, how many students from Easter Island have we been able to help over the previous 9 years with the event proceeds?
(PP): Over the last 10 years, the Ohana event has helped 25 students with defraying some of the cost of their higher education endeavors, through the FOM donations toward scholarships. The Toki Music School & the Terevaka Archeology program also benefit from funds raised through the Ohana event. The goal of the FOM’s sponsorship is to help those students who want to bring their skills back to the island, in order to help their community grow and prosper. Our scholarship recipients have attended college for higher learning in various fields, from medicine to archeology to hospitality and many other fields of study – all valuable skills that can be utilized on the island of Rapa Nui.

What was the total amount to the charity we were able to provide this year? How is that compared to last year?
(PP): For the 2017 Ohana we were able to donate $19,500 to the Easter Island Foundation. This amount is an increase compared with last year’s total of $17,000.00, so you can see that our attendees have their hearts in the right place when it comes to raising the bar for our yearly goals. As a matter of fact - Ohana has been fortunate enough to be able to increase our donation to the EIF every year, not only increasing the number of scholarships we are able to provide each year, but also giving us the ability to increase our support of other island programs. This is what our Order means when they say ‘Fun With A Purpose’.

What kind of future do you see for the event? As it grows in size and desirability as a destination event, are there any plans to expand the event to accommodate that growth?
(PP): Look, it’s a wild and fun event, you just never know what wacky, crazy stuff we might come up with in the future! We’re always looking to tweak the experience to make it better for the attendees, the sponsors and the hosts. We really do listen to the suggestions we get, and if something seems like a good change that keeps with the spirit of the event (while keeping the stuff that ‘Ohanaites’ love about the event, of course!) then we’ll do it! Finally, you know you can always count on the kick-off party being wacky & weird – an event worth the price of admission alone!
Now on to the question regarding expanding the event. We sell out Ohana every year, and while we have gradually allowed attendance numbers to rise a bit, it is by design that we will never let Ohana be too big – it’s all about the Ohana – all about the connection that our attendees feel with each other. It’s an event where new friends are made and old friendships renewed and it has been and always will be about the spirit of Ohana. The bigger the event gets, the greater risk there is of losing the spirit of what the Ohana is all about. That’s why the intention is to always stay the ‘right size’ event in order to stay true to its original intentions and purpose.

If money was no object, what one thing would you like to see become part of future Ohana Luau At The Lake event?
(PP): Something fun and bizarre, like an airplane dropping Tikis from the sky all over the resort. You know, a sunny afternoon poolside, the band is playing, the bartenders are busy and suddenly overhead the sound of a plane flying close overhead. That’s when the planes start dropping the Tikis. Free air dropped Tikis for everyone dropped over The Tiki Resort! A Tikiphiles dream come true! Unless of course it turns out like WKRPs Famous Turkey Drop…
OK, OK, a little closer to the here and now. Bigger, crazier and more awesome bands, of course! Some cool, never-seen-before Ohana swag to remember the weekend by and maybe some robots to run the whole damn thing so that Sully and I can sit round with a Mai Tai in our hands and just tell all of the mechanical robots what to do!
But seriously, we’ve got some great stuff in the works on that front for Ohana 10…SO STAY TUNED!!!

Many thanks to Princess Pupule for this overview of Ohana and it's charitable function! One thing you can be sure of - if she says the 10th Ohana Luau At The Lake is going to be great - you can bet on it! Hope we get to see all of you there, but make your plans now because it ALWAYS sells out! You can check out all of the 2018 Ohana Luau At The Lake action by clicking on the link at the top of this page!

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