I'VE HEARD! The FOM Has Been Busy With Charitable Works This Year!


I've Heard its time for another reminder of the charitable spirit of the FOM, using 'Fun With A Purpose' to raise money for causes both national and local to the chapters.

With several natural events causing widespread damage to parts of the US and it's territories this year, the Fraternal Order of Moai decided to expand it's donations outside of our Easter Island Foundation donations. With that decision, we were able to donate $500.00 to the Americares Hurricane Relief Fund and $50.00 to the Houston Food Bank, along with $400.00 to Project HOPE and $100.00 to the Soggy Dollar-Virgin island Community Fund.

Our Chapters were very busy raising funds for local causes as well. The Kahiki Chapter raised $3000.00 to CureCMD through their Hula Hop event in Columbus Ohio, while our Tongariki chapter gave $2000.00 to Furkids.org through a charitable donation by Patiki. The Center for Coastal Studies in Provincetown, MA received $125.00 from the Queequeg chapter funds, along with an additional $125.00 to Kitty Angels, Inc. in Tyngsboro, MA.. At the time of writing this article, there may be other chapter donations that we are not aware of - if so, let I'VE HEARD know so that we can spread the good word!

Through Celebration - Fellowship - Good Works - Presence - Preservation and Spirit, the members of the FOM are helping many communities with their particular issues and causes through their charitable work. It's a great group of people brought together through their love of Tiki and Polynesian Pop culture! They know how to have fun (...trust me - they KNOW how to have fun!) and still make a difference in the world. Thank You Fellows for all of your work and effort helping raise our contributions this year - you folks are the best!!!

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