I've Heard!!! Tickets For Ohana 10 Luau At The Lake Go On Sale Today At 11am EST!!!

Link: http://www.fraternalorderofmoai.org/ohana/index.php


The rumblings have been present all week! With an ear to the ground - I've Heard that the Ohana 10 Luau At The Lake tickets go on sale TODAY (February 13, 2018) at 11am EST!

Tickets can be purchased at the URL link listed above!
For people not familiar with Ohana Luau at the Lake, our own Princess Pupule recently described the event: "Ohana Luau at the Lake is an awesome Tiki weekend event held at the Tiki Resort, a 1950’s throwback located in the town of Lake George, New York. (“Ohana” is an Hawaiian culture word for ‘family’, in an extended sense of the term). Ohana Luau at the Lake is an exciting weekend of fun, live music, cocktails, shopping and camaraderie with the Ohana, during a weekend that many look forward to all year long. AND - if it isn’t enough to have an AWESOME Tiki weekend – the event is done to raise money for The Fraternal Order of Moai’s charity of choice: The Easter Island Foundation, a 501c(3). A majority of the funds raised are being used to fund scholarships for people from Easter Island, with the remaining funds used to support other programs that enrich the island and the people who live there."

As this is the 10th year of this great Tiki event, you can be sure that plenty of exciting things are planned for that weekend! What exciting things, you may ask? How about we start off with a KILLER Kickoff Party, Thursday June 28th on Lake George aboard the beautiful (and air-conditioned!) Lac du Saint Sacrement steamship! This is a huge ship with two bars, plus a service bar (no waiting for cocktails - WOO HOO!) and a special cocktail menu we've worked out just for our event! FOUR Buffet lines of delicious food and a HUGE dance floor/stage with a balcony await your dining and dancing pleasure! Trust me - this is going to be one crazy fun Kickoff Party! These Kickoff Party tickets are $50 and are above and beyond the cost of the Ohana event tickets. THEY WILL SELL OUT! Buy yours TODAY so you don't miss all the fun!

Now for the main event! All weekend long you will be transported to a tropical paradise at the beautiful (and old-school!) Tiki Resort in Lake George, NY! There you will enjoy hours and hours of food, drinks, music, seminars and whatever else can be pulled out to make your weekend one of the most memorable events that you will ever have in your life (except for that colonoscopy that they didn't knock you out for - sorry to remind you...)! Your Ohana ticket will gain you entry into this event and allow you to experience all that the party has to offer. The ticket DOES NOT get you a sleeping room at the Tiki - you must make your own reservations - if they are sold out there are several other hotels in very close proximity. Oh - did we mention the entertainment yet? My bad......how about Southern Culture On The Skids for the main act that weekend!!! Delivering what Rolling Stone magazine called “a hell raising rock and roll party", things should be in full swing that evening - you have been warned! Other entertainment will be announced as we get nearer to the event - there are always great musical acts to provide entertainment all weekend long!

You have been warned - this event WILL SELL OUT!!! Don't fool around and wait - BUY YOUR TICKETS TODAY WHEN THEY GO ON SALE AT 11am ESTe will see you there! For further event information, please follow the URL link posted above.

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