The Fraternal Order of Moai Chapters

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Red Palms Chapter
Greater Chicagoland Area
The Red Palms chapter of the Fraternal Order of Moai was founded in 2006 and represents the Moai in the Chicagoland area and neighboring states. In the early days of the Order members of the chapter used a secret greeting which later evolved into the chapter name. Red Palms participates actively in running the Hot Rod Hula Hop in Columbus, OH, and is also very active in their community doing service projects like adopting a highway, recycling computers for local schools, and sending care packages to American soldiers serving abroad.
Chapter Tohunga: KingDong Red Palms logo
Rua Tohunga:
Tagata Tapa Ta'u: ESIDER
Fellows: Exotica59
Jet Sterling
Maori Mountain Man
Savage Patty
Philanthropy: Illinois Adopt-A-Highway
Social Networking: Facebook
Mascot: Timmy
Map of Red Palms Chapter territory