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Creating a basement tiki bar
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Author:  tikiadjacent [ Wed Dec 09, 2020 10:07 am ]
Post subject:  Creating a basement tiki bar

Mahalo everyone,

My husband is going to turn part of our basement into a tiki bar. What would you say is the first step? We need to run water for a wet bar, install flooring, cover the walls, build shelving, do something to the drop ceiling, then decorate and all that jazz! He has a rough theme but no concept or design down on paper. He knows the shape of the bar he wants and some lighting figured out. But other than that, we aren't sure where best to start.

If you have created an indoor tiki bar, give us your tips and suggestions because we need them!

Thank you! :fez:

Author:  Rev_Dan [ Wed Dec 09, 2020 10:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Creating a basement tiki bar

Alooooha! You're asking a good group of folks for home bar tips for sure.

Not sure of what your space looks like currently, but depending on what's on the other side of that drop ceiling, you may take it down and just leave the exposed wood floor joists and etc. Gives it that old feel. Throw some fishnet up on the ceiling after that. Or you can make panels to fit in the spaces of the drop ceiling that looks like tapa cloth if you're handy with painting. My ceiling is a finished one that is currently white, but still have plans of blacking it out. Lots of possibilities. The darker the space with mood lighting the better. My bar doesn't have a sink behind it so I just use a dump bucket and empty and clean at the end of the night. Just be sure to buy bus tubs if you have to carry them upstairs to kitchen. Plan on a small fridge behind the bar as well or within close by to store your juices, syrups, ginger beer, and vermouth. I have two side by side, but one is a kegerator as I'm a beer person as well.

Again, though, this all depends on what type of space you're wanting. If you guys are really into making and experimenting with cocktails and recipes, I strongly suggest you figure a proper prep space on your bar top for you to work. Makes all the difference to be able to move around and have proper room to work. Now's the time to think ahead for what you might get into and build it that way now instead of wishing you had more room to work later.

You and Daniel can always give me a shout if you want to bounce ideas off me. Also, get some pictures up here on this post of the space you're working with and examples of stuff you guys like or are inspired by. :thumbsup:

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