F.O.M. 2015 Scholarships Awarded by the Easter Island Foundation

Easter Island Foundation


At the 2014 Ohaha Luau at the Lake in Lake George New York; the Fraternal Order of the Moai, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(10) organization founded in 2005, raised $7000 for the Easter Island Foundation Scholarship program. The Easter Island Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1989, was named by the Moai as the organizations national charity in 2008.
The E.I.F. scholarship committee selected a total of eight students. The Fraternal Order of Moai donation will fund three full scholarships and one partial scholarship for one semester. The other semester will be funded with donations by the Ananda Foundation.

Maara Teave Atam

The E.I.F. scholarship committee chose the following students to be funded by the Order's donation:

Ma’ara Teave Atam (The Fraternal Order of Moai Scholarship, $2000) is studying Architecture at the Pontificia Universidad Católica in Valparaíso. When she graduates, she would like to return to the island and teach sustainable construction by recycling and reutilizing elements now considered trash. Her dream is to renovate a zone on Rapa Nui called Hanga Hemú, which is now being excavated for basalt rock by the Ministry of Public Works and Corporación Nacional Forestal.

Jose Calderon Fati

Jose Calderon Fati (The Fraternal Order of Moai Tangata Manu Scholarship,$2000) is studying Environment and Natural Resources at Universidad Católica del Norte in Antofagasta. During the past year Jose had the opportunity to work with children in schools with limited resources to teach them about entrepreneurship and provide a vision for them for future projects. He also participated in science fairs focusing on water resources with some of these children. He found this experience extremely useful and applicable to the Easter Island community, where some youth with a conformist attitude lack a vision for the future.

Oscar Jara Pakomio

Oscar Jara Pakomio (The Fraternal Order of Moai Tangata Manu Scholarship, $2000) is studying Physical Education and Health at Pontificia Universidad Católica in Valparaíso. When he graduates, he wants to return to the island and work towards the creation of recreational activity venues to encourage healthy and active lifestyles to help lessen the effects of obesity, sedentary lifestyle and diabetes. In 2014, his classes gave him a host of new and fulfilling experiences that made him even more pleased with his career choice. He had the opportunity to fulfill the role of physical education teacher at an educational establishment.

Ghislaine Rebeca Tepano Tepano

Ghislaine Rebeca Tepano Tepano (The Fraternal Order of Moai Ohana Scholarshi, $1000 and Sheree Lipton/Ananda Foundation Award $1000) is studying Commericial Engineering and Finance at the Universidad Andrés Bello in Santiago. After she graduates, she would like to start her own eco-friendly and sustainable company on Rapa Nui, with the goal of helping to preserve Rapanui culture.

Plans for Ohana Luau at the Lake and Ohana Luau by the Sea are underway and proceeds for these events will help fund next years scholarships.

Please join the Moai at one of these events and experience Fun with a purpose.

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