F.O.M. 2016 Scholarships Awarded by the Easter Island Foundation


The Easter Island Foundation has announced the annual awarding of the 2016 Fraternal Order of Moai scholarships to six students of Rapa Nui ancestry. These scholarships were funded by money raised at Ohana Luau by the Lake in Lake George, New York; Ohana Luau by the Sea in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; and the Chicago Area Tiki Tour.

The Scholarship winners are:

Ma’ara Teave Atam (Fraternal Order of Moai Scholarship – $2000) is studying Architecture at the Pontificia Universidad Católica in Valparaíso. When she graduates, she would like to return to the island and teach sustainable construction by recycling and reutilizing elements now considered trash. Her dream is to renovate a zone on Rapa Nui called Hanga Hemú, which is now being excavated for basalt rock by MOP (Ministry of Public Works) and CONAF (Corporación Nacional Forestal). Her future vision includes the creation and launching of a sustainable fish production system using natural methods and incorporating her study of architecture. As an indigenous Rapa Nui, she sees the development of her community primarily from the point of view of welfare, not just the growth of tourism business or development of sports and culture-related activities. She believes that as professionals of the future, the younger generation should assist with sustainable development to help their community.

Americo Loyola Edmunds (Fraternal Order of Moai Scholarship– $2000) is studying Agriculture and Livestock Technology at the Instituto Profesional Santo Tomas in Viña del Mar. When he graduates, he would like to return to the island and start a greenhouse project to grow and harvest fresh vegetables year round to maintain a balance of the cost of fresh produce. He feels that one of the most challenging problems facing Rapa Nui today is the lack of fresh water and as far as growing food, proposes to build small reservoirs adjacent to growing areas to maintain a water supply nearby.

Oscar Jara Pakomio (Fraternal Order of Moai Tangata Roger Danger Carlson Memorial Scholarship – $2000) is studying Physical Education and Health at Pontificia Universidad Católica in Valparaíso. He chose the career of education because he loves sports, physical activity and activities in nature. When he graduates, he wants to return to the island and work towards the creation of recreational activity venues to encourage healthy and active lifestyles to help lessen the effects of obesity, sedentary lifestyle and diabetes. Oscar sees a need for better education of the Rapanui people, and hopes that those who study abroad will return to Rapa Nui to work in their chosen careers. In 2014, his classes gave him a host of new and fulfilling experiences that made him even more pleased with his career choice. He had the opportunity to fulfill the role of physical education teacher at an educational establishment in the region planning classes, choosing content, evaluating evidence and sharing with students of different levels. After this great experience, he felt totally confident and motivated as he realized that he now has the skills to interact with different children and people to guide and educate them using the knowledge he gained at college related to sports and physical activity. His greatest desire and ambition is to motivate people of Easter Island to choose an active lifestyle and healthy life, practicing a variety of conventional and emerging sports, and to educate the Rapanui people about the benefits these activities provide for health to all generations, thus avoiding various cardiovascular diseases characteristic of the 21st century that affect the people of the island, such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, among others.

Ghislaine Tepano Tepano (Fraternal Order of Moai Ohana Scholarship – $1000) is studying Commercial Engineering and Finance at the Universidad Andrés Bello in Santiago. After she graduates, she would like to start her own eco-friendly and sustainable company on Rapa Nui, with the goal of helping to preserve Rapanui culture. 

Marari Riroroco Cabezas (Fraternal Order of Moai Scholarship– $2000) is studying agronomy at the Universidad de Viña del Mar. Her choice of agriculture as a career was strengthened as a result of studying of professional agricultural technology at the Aldea Educativa on Rapa Nui and also because at any early age, the importance of agricultural work caught her attention. On Rapanui, the bulk of both vegetable consumption and livestock comes from abroad (mainly Chile), and she feels that it is extremely important to acquire the knowledge necessary to contribute to Rapa Nui by decreasing the importation of food to the island, so that the Rapanui people can become their own food producers.

Teresita Mihi Tiare Manutomatoma Hotus (Fraternal Order of Moai Tangata Manu Scholarship – $2000) is studying Engineering in Business Administration and Finance at Universidad Tecnológica de Chile INACAP in Santiago.  “The aim of my studies is to help and contribute significantly to my island and always protect, preserve, and respect our ancestors in our cultural identity”. One of her biggest concerns is the controlling immigration to the island without changing the natural, social and cultural environment of the island.

The 2016 Ohana Luau by the Lake is fast approaching and plans for the second annual Ohana Luau by the Sea are underway. Proceeds from both of these events will help fund the 2017 scholarships. Join the Moai at these events and experience their special brand of fun with a purpose.

Please visit http://www.fraternalorderofmoai.org/ohana/ and http://fraternalorderofmoai.org/ohanabtsea/ for more information about these events.

Keep the Torches Burning,

-Tagata Maori Rogorogo

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