I'VE HEARD! The names of the FOM 2018 Easter Island Foundation Scholarship Awards!


I've Heard that its time for another reminder of the charitable spirit of the FOM! The local chapters of the FOM hold events throughout the year to raise money for many charities, both local and global. We previously reported that the FOM had raised a record amount of funds through various charitable chapter functions for 2017's donation to the Easter Island Foundation. Those in the FOM know how much planning and work go into these charity events (hint: it's ALOT) but they do it because the funds we send to the EIF for their scholarship fund help the youth of that area to keep and preserve their way of life, while also improving the life condition of those who live there. To us - it's worth the effort. The EIF sent us a list of this years scholarship award recipients, along with a short bio written by each student. We honestly can't edit or say anything for them that would be better than their own words - so we will reprint those bios in full - first their names and their awards, and then their words. The Fellows in the FOM should be proud of the good they do when they help these students obtain the knowledge and skills they will need to help the people of Rapa Nui stay prosperous, safe, happy and healthy.

This year the EIF and Island Scholarship Committees awarded scholarships to deserving Rapa Nui students using the $13,000.00 that the EIF received from the Fraternal Order of Moai Foundation, awarding six $2000 awards and one $1000 to the following students:

Benitez Tepano: Public Relations - Marketing ($2000 Award)
The knowledge I have gained at the university has been a great contribution to my personal and professional development. Every subject has helped me to form new competencies, as well as for the realization of different projects to help macro and micro entrepreneurs, social organizations and all people of the island. This knowledge, which I can share, will help the development and empowerment of business, the use of social media or digital media to transmit messages or communication campaigns, or improve the reputation of a company or a brand. I improved my level of English level for better communication as well as my skills to maintain good relationships with people. In conclusion, I can say that every day my studies are helping me to gain new knowledge as well as to be a better person.

Maeha León Duran: Fashion Design - Industrial Process ($2000 Award)
I want to return to Rapa Nui to carry out workshops and classes to teach the care and manner of using traditional Rapanui materials with the aim of saving and preserving ancestral clothing and improving the quality and preparation of garments to be used in parades and cultural festivals. Every year during Tapati Rapa Nui, the most important festival on the island, I feel very proud of my culture and I participate in all the events. I take this opportunity to share what I have learned in my studies, from molding to sewing, and I complement this using the raw materials of the island such as shells, banana stems, feathers and mahute, improving the design without losing what is oldest and ancestral.

Tipanie Blanco Velásquez: Medicine ($2000 Award)
I grew up with my paternal grandparents so that I could get a better education. I went to school in Santiago, far from my mother on Rapa Nui, to opt for a better future. Thanks to the sacrifice and support of my family, especially my four grandparents and my parents, I was able to study medicine at the University of Santiago de Chile. All the effort and sacrifice of being away from my family is bearing fruit today: I am fulfilling the childhood dream I had of studying how the human body works, and thus helping the people to have a better quality of life. When I finish my studies and gain more professional experience, I will return to my beloved island, to offer my services as a doctor to the Rapanui community, and thus help more Rapanui young people to achieve their dreams, just as I am doing.

Américo Loyola Edmunds; Agronomy ($2000 Award)
I hope to do well in my last year in the study of Agronomy. The previous year was one of the most difficult, due to economic and health issues in my family. I want to emphasize that without this scholarship I do not think I would have had the possibility of studying, so I thank you with all my heart for the help you have given me. The scholarship has allowed me to gain a greater professional development and to strengthen my goals. After I receive my degree in Agronomy, I would like to share my knowledge with future generations and undertake new projects that encourage organic farming on Easter Island with the intention of reducing the use of chemicals in fruits and vegetables for human consumption.

Terangi Riroroco Oyarzun: Logistics and Transport Engineering ($2000 Award)
After finishing my studies, I would like to gain some experience and return to the island to help in the transportation area. When I was child, I saw people walking or on their horses; when I went to school I would see people walking and talking. Today you only see cars, and every year when I return from school I see more cars, which are already bringing problems. We need short and long-term solutions. I would like to propose municipal ordinances to facilitate the flow of vehicles and at the same time go back to those times where you walked down the street and met your cousins, uncles, nephews or neighbors. What I do not want is to reach the height of installing traffic lights to be able to regulate traffic, because the island would lose the essence that makes it so unique.

Guillermo Alvarez Rivera: Industrial Mathematical Engineering ($2000 Award)
As a student of Industrial Mathematical Engineering and a member of the Rapanui community,my interest lies in the optimal development of our public and private businesses through well structured management, and the use of mathematical statistical tools in political, demographic, social and / or Rapa Nui fauna and flora studies. My initial idea is to achieve the specialization in Industrial Mathematical Engineering to acquire the necessary knowledge to be able to address any optimization problem needed by businesses on Rapa Nui, so that they can generate a greater number of benefits that will translate into the ability to provide better services to our community. Not only is knowledge necessary, but so is work experience. Hence, one of my highest goals is to acquire experience working both in Chile and abroad and in this way and return to Rapa Nui with the best tools and the most modern knowledge that the world can give me.

Nicolas Pakomio Gardella: Music ($1000 Award)
Once I finish my studies, I intend to use the knowledge I gain at the university to transmit the ancestral wisdom that I have been given through music and oral tradition in my culture. I want to preserve the oral and musical tradition for posterity in detailed writing, so that this record can be used as a teaching tool, facilitating the transmission of the richness of our culture and guaranteeing its permanence in time, so that we, as Rapanui people, can value this wealth of knowledge.

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