I’VE HEARD: 9th Wave Is Playing At Ohana 10 – And The Band Has FOM Fellows In It!

Ohana 10 is getting closer and closer – a fantastic Tiki event in Lake George New York!. I'VE HEARD that the 9th Wave Band was going to be playing again this year, and wanted to reach out and get their perspective on Ohana and the FOM. FOM member Tikisurfin has stepped forward to represent the band and give us all his insight on these matters. Links to the band’s website and Ohana 10 are provided below:

Please give an introduction of yourself and a little bit about the band
My FOM name is “Tikisurfin”, and my real name is Mike “Staccato” Rosado. As you may know (or not know) I wear many, many hats (fezzes)! I am the founder and leader of 9th Wave hot-rod surf band since 1995. The band has 7 recorded CDs full of original tunes that I have written. These include hot-rod, surf, spy, lounge, tiki, exotica, spaghetti western and sci-fi genres. We play about 25 shows per year – and 9th Wave has been designated “The Official Band of Ohana” – we have played every Ohana north and south, and are very much looking forward to Ohana Ten!

I am also the founder and leader of NESMA (the North East Surf Music Alliance), since 2002. NESMA is a network/directory/alliance of bands that believe in growing the genre of surf music. There are approximately 130 bands in this network currently, from Halifax, Nova Scotia, across Canada to Montreal and Toronto, south to Florida, and as far west as Minnesota, eh? Basically, all North America areas east of the Mississippi River. Throughout the years, the FOM has chosen many of the NESMA bands to perform at Ohana and other FOM events. In fact, the NESMA website did a monthly spotlight interview about the FOM in October 2008 – and now you are interviewing ME!

In addition, I currently serve as the Rua Tohunga of the Queequeg Chapter of the Fraternal Order of Moai (New England.) I am honored to be designated as an Honui Moai, and have been a member of FOM since 2015.

You might also know me as the the Ohana “midnight taco and food guy”. Many folks may have interacted with me on either a Thursday, Friday or Saturday late night at any Ohana when I could be found serving hot snacks, including pizza rolls, mozzarella stix, tacos, and rice bowls (meat AND veggie!)

Finally, my house is decorated throughout in tiki style. Bamboo-thatched living room, bamboo tiki bar, door moldings hand-carved with tiki designs, rows of tiki mugs over the windows, leopard and zebra print carpeting, nautical touches, a set of vibraphones in the living room.

What was your first exposure to Tiki and Polynesian Pop?
TV – Hawaii 5-0 and Gilligan’s Island, and the Brady Bunch Hawaiian episodes. I became transfixed by everything Polynesian/Hawaiian, and tropical/South Pacific. I also loved bamboo! An early influence I remember well was that my brother and I got a “shrunken head” (made of goatskin) from the MET in New York. We took turns hanging it on the handle-bars of our bikes. I still like shrunken heads and have several in my home. In addition, I was also fascinated with “I Dream of Jeannie”, “Lost in Space”, and “Star Trek” from that mid-century period.

What was it about Tiki that really grabbed your attention?
Bamboo, shrunken heads, and later on, the cocktails.

How did you find the other members of the band who seem to share the same love of Tiki - and surf music - as you do?
Like most bands, we’ve had personnel changes over the past 23 years. However, in 2000 when my band was playing at Sleazefest in Chapel Hill, NC, I hosted a tiki cocktail pool party and became known as the tiki cocktail guy at Sleazefest. My band members also became immersed in the cocktail culture. When we traveled to shows, I would always bring the trusted “booze suitcase”, complete with tiki stirrers and cocktail umbrellas. 9th Wave specialty “on-the-road” cocktails consisted of Zombies, Mai Tais, and other exotic cocktails. We have now been fortunate to have the same band line-up for the past 15 years, and all the band members are interested in tiki culture and cocktails. Regarding surf music, all the current band members used to play in other bands (punk, rock, indie, classical) but liked surf music and came to 9th Wave shows as fans, then eventually ended up joining the band.

How did you come to be involved with the Fraternal Order of Moai?
I was having my annual tiki party at my home. A mutual acquaintance had mentioned 9th Wave to Sully (who runs Ohana) as possible entertainment for NETT 2 (North East Tiki Tour). Sully came to the party, 9th Wave played, and the rest is history! We played NETT2, and then NETT3 (which became Ohana – damn, it was cold in Lake George in September!) I started cooking hot snacks and helping with band set-up at that first Ohana (September 2009). So from 2009-2015, I was helping with band (and food) logistics for FOM national events. In 2015, I decided to declare my intention to join FOM. The impetus was a return trip from Ohana South 1 (1,420 miles) with 150 miles of hurricane force winds and a flooded interstate in a packed van full of band equipment. I realized at that point that I not only liked it, but I LOVED it, and would do it again. When I got home, I declared my intention to join the FOM.

What about the FOM keeps you involved, and how do you see you and your band helping you stay involved in FOM activities?
I believe in the missions and the goals and the vision of the FOM. I currently serve as Rua Tohunga, and my wife, Oceana Nalu, is Tohunga of the Queequeg Chapter, so I am currently very involved at the local level and plan to continue to do so. I have a stellar record of attendance at Chapter meetings! (My wife is also in my band.)

You have one choice of one song to be played as your final wish - what is it?
Well, I would pick one of my original tunes off our 7th CD, “Surfin’ with Poseidon”, the title track “Surfin’ with Poseidon”. This track says it all.

And finally - and most importantly: Why does the FOM goat love cheese so much?
There is cheese made from cows.
There is cheese made from goats.
It is kapu for goats to eat goat cheese.
BUT Triscuits and cheese with a cocktail – yum…

Equals taog eht.

And that my friends sums up what you can expect from the fine folks in 9th Wave at this year's Ohana 10! Thank you Tikisurfin for all you do for the organization and conitnued Good Luck with 9th Wave!




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