I’VE HEARD: The NEW Music For Moai II will be released at Ohana 10!

Ohana 10 is getting closer and closer – a fantastic Tiki event in Lake George New York! You say you've been hearing some rumblings about something special happening at Ohana 10? Something every bit as exciting as having Southern Culture On The Skids headline Ohana 10? Do you mean like that? Well - everything you've heard is true! The Fraternal Order of Moai is gonna shake things up again and do it in a big way! How are they going to do this, you ask? Hold on to your fez folks - The Fraternal Order of Moai and North East Surf Music Alliance proudly present an incredible CD of tiki, spy, lounge and exotica tracks - Music for Moai II: Music to Shake Cocktails By. This CD featuring surf bands - (and a cool bonus track by Bamboo Saxotica!) - playing original interpretations of exotica, spy, lounge and tiki music will be a MUST for your collection! I mean - how cool is that? Even better: ALL proceeds from Music for Moai II will benefit the Fraternal Order of Moai Foundation Hurricane Relief Fund which is used to support communities in the United States and abroad affected by natural disasters,especially places that have influenced tiki and Polynesian pop. Our friends with NESMA have been great supporters of FOM events and activities in the past - and this time is no exception. Of course - it helps that the founder and leader of NESMA is also FOM fellow (Honui) - our own Tikisurfin! NESMA is a network/directory/alliance of bands that believe in growing the genre of surf music. There are approximately 130 bands in this network currently, from Halifax, Nova Scotia, across Canada to Montreal and Toronto, south to Florida, and as far west as Minnesota? Basically, all North America areas east of the Mississippi River. Throughout the years, the FOM has chosen many of the NESMA bands to perform at Ohana and other FOM events.

So now you're asking yourself - how can I get this piece of FOM history and how much is it? Well my friends - a bargain at any price - but for you? Ten Dollars. Yep - you heard right - $10 US dollars gets you all of these great tracks by these great bands:

Jungle Psychotica – Fisherman / What’s Up – The Supertones / Mystery Bowl – 9th Wave / Club Cabana – Big Surf / Tiki Tonight – The Clams / Tiki Lounge Mix – The Cocktail Preachers / Spooky Soca Surf - B11 / Spy vs. Spy – SpyTones / Ether Cocktail – The Derangers / Dragonfly Sunday – The Surge! / Siren Song - Go! Tsunami / Tango Marcia – The Serfs / Caixa dos Moluscos – Weisstronauts / Island of the Lost Tiki – 9th Wave / Mai Kai Flute - Bamboo Saxotica / Margarita Meltdown – The Cocktail Preachers / Night on the Nile – The Serfs / Six-Gun Party – The Urban Surf Kings / Shark Pit – Cutback / Spies in Love – The AmpFibians / Tiki Torch - SPF-4 / Snake Charmer – The Acoustic Surf Tones / Submerging – The Aquatudes / Haleiwa Sunset – TarantinosNYC / Pearl Harbor - Tsunami of Sound

That's 25 tracks of original music for only $10. And all for a good cause!!!
Music for Moai II

But wait - you say you're NOT going to Ohana 10 this year? You say you waited too long and now tickets are all gone? We'll discuss your failure to meet deadlines later young man/woman - right now just hang back a bit - we may have a way for you to get one of the great CDs too - all while supporting a great charitable effort by the FOM! Be sure to check back here often. You can also check the Music For Moai website for further information.

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