I’VE HEARD: Makahiki: A Night Of Tiki Results Are Here!

I'VE HEARD that it's time for the update on 2018's Makahiki: A Night of Tiki event, put on by the fine fellows of the Indianapolis PukaPuka chapter! Let's discuss some news on the event first, before we get to the numbers. First - the Pukas have found a new facility to hold the event in and it was an excellent choice of venue! It has plenty of room for dancing and fun (oh yes), air-conditioning (Oh Yes) and a kitchen for preparing the pre-show luau (OH YES). And speaking of luaus - the food this year was great - too many excellent dishes to name here - if you want to know how good it was, then be ready to come to the event next year and find out for yourself! We said dancing, right? The entertainers this year featured the Martian Denny Orchestra, the Dyes, The Madeira, Eddie and The Mai Tais, Frenchy LaRue (ooooh la la!) and DJs Yuma and Stroble - more entertainment that any one person has a right to! And now - for the really cool part - the charitable donation. This year - the Pukas were able to donate a record $2550.00 to their chapter's local charity of choice - Rosie’s Southside Animal Shelter!

A lot of hard work goes into putting on these events, so congratulations to the PukaPuka chapter for putting on another successful Makahiki: A Night of Tiki. And if you missed this last Makahiki? Please don't make the same mistake again or we will have to come to your house and shame you from your front lawn.................and we can do it - so don't test us... ;)

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