I'VE HEARD! That The FOM Foundation Has Made Another Charitable Contribution!

I'VE HEARD that the FOM Foundation has made a $2500.00 donation to americares (lighten up grammar cops - they use a small a in their name and logo...), in order to help those who have been impacted by Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas. americares has been providing essential medicine and relief supplies quickly and efficiently in times of natural and man-made disasters here at home and around the world. They also help provide lifesaving medicine and other critical aid to people living in desperately poor or conflict-ridden countries struggling for daily survival. In short - they do Good Work...

The FOM is based on 6 principles that we hold dear: Celebration / Fellowship / Good Works / Presence / Preservation and Spirit - and this charitable contribution shows how we try to utilize those values and principles in our service to community and country. We have a great time at our events - we Celebrate the spirit of Tiki and Polynesian Pop, and we revel in the Fellowship and friendships we make through our participation in the organization. We use our events to raise monies to do Good Work in the communities we live in - and around the world, and by our Presence show that we care about tradition and culture and our willingness to jump in and help where needed. We work hard to Preserve those things and traditions that we in the Tiki community hold dear, and through our enormous Spirit - we achieve great things not only for ourselves, but for others as well. Be proud of the work we do but never rest on our laurels - we can do so much more! Thanks to every Fellow who helped to make this possible!

For additional information on americares - go here: https://www.americares.org/en/what-we-do/emergency-programs/ep--hurricane-florence/

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