I'VE HEARD! The FOM Foundation Has Made A HUGE Charitable Contribution For 2018!

I'VE HEARD that the FOM Foundation has made it's annual donation to the Easter Island Foundation......and this year it's a doozy! With so much going on in the world that can bring spirits down - here's a little something that should give all readers a lift! The Fraternal Order of Moai Foundation's (a 501(c)(3) charitable organization) 2018 donation of $26,525.00 to the Easter Island Foundation is one of our largest yet! These funds will be used by the EIF to support scholarships for youth from the island of Rapa Nui, the Foundation’s general fund, music education on Rapa Nui, and archeological outreach. Here's a breakdown of how our 2018 contribution will be allocated:

1. The EIF General Treasury - $5,525.00. These funds will be used by The Easter Island Foundation towards general operating funds of the EIF, which promotes awareness of the fragility of the island's culture and resources - while building the strength of the community through scholarships and printed communications.

2. Scholarships - $16,000.00. These funds will be used to help select students living on Rapa Nui attend college, ultimately bringing that knowledge back to help improve their community. We will provide the specifics on those awards, once the EIF has made their selections.

3. The Tokai Music School - $3,000.00. These funds will be used by the Toki Rapa Nui Music School to teach free classes to more than 120 children, in classical disciplines (piano, cello, orchestras, violin, music theory, trumpet) and the Rapa Nui tradition (Rapa Nui dance, ancestral song, takona-body painting, hoko-rapanui ceremonial dance and ukulele). They also carry out different artistic and cultural activities open to the entire Rapa Nui community and promote environmental care and heritage rescue activities.

4. The Terevaka Outreach Program - $2,000.00 The Terevaka Archaeological Outreach Program teaches the awareness and preservation of the cultural and environmental resources in the community, while documenting and studying the cultural and environmental changes of the past and today.

The Fraternal Order of Moai is based on 6 principles that we members hold dear: Celebration / Fellowship / Good Works / Presence / Preservation and Spirit - and this charitable contribution shows how we try to utilize those values and principles in our service to community and country and the world at large. We have a great time at our events - we Celebrate the spirit of Tiki and Polynesian Pop, and we revel in the Fellowship and friendships we make through our participation in the organization. We use our events to raise monies to do Good Work in the communities we live in - and around the world, and by our Presence show that we care about tradition and culture and our willingness to jump in and help where needed. We work hard to Preserve those things and traditions that we in the Tiki community hold dear, and through our enormous group Spirit - we achieve great things not only for ourselves, but for others as well.

Be proud of the work we do, but never rest on our laurels - we can do so much more - so let's see if we can beat this donation amount in 2019! Thanks to every Fellow who has helped to make this possible!

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