I'VE HEARD! OHANA Luau At The Lake 2019 Raised Big Money For Charity (and other cool facts!)

I'VE HEARD that it's time for the update on 2019's OHANA Luau At The Lake event, which happened just this last weekend! Hijinks! Tomfoolery! Damn Fool Boobery (yay Boobs)! Music, mayhem, Polynesian dance and music review, cocktails, fellowship and just good clean fun (OK - so the last one is stretching it a bit - give me a break - I'm writing this at 6:30am on Sunday). Every year this great tiki event gets better and better - a weekend of tiki madness, camaraderie, cocktails, and most importantly - Fun With A Purpose! Several things over the Ohana Luau At The Lake event are designed to raise money for our chosen charity: The Easter Island Foundation (EIF). A silent auction is held with tiki and tiki related items up for grabs - all donated by fellows, tiki enthusiasts and event sponsors. Everybody bidding on these items knows that the monies raised go to charity, so they bid high with the hope of taking home the tiki item of their dreams. This year's Silent Auction raised $11,303! All we can say to those who participated and raised such a great amount towards our Good Works is: THANK YOU! But it gets better! There is a another auction held every year at Ohana Luau At The Lake - the Mystery Bowl auction. This involves a VERY special tiki cocktail bowl made especially for the event - a large vessel designed to hold copious amounts of liquid nirvana. The winner of this auction is then treated to the Mystery Bowl Dance, whereupon the Mystery Bowl is presented to the them by a dancer who has studied at Julliard, danced with the London Royal Ballet, suffered a series of personal setbacks, pulls together their inner Astaire, takes back the artist within them, and ends up hoofing it for a bunch of highly 'enthusiastic' observers, with special attention paid to the winner of the auction (OK, so I made some of this up...except for the setbacks part...which also is probably made up...I don't know...where was I...oh yeah...the money!). Well my friends, this year's Mystery Bowl auction set a new record - raising $4,350! Again - a HUGE Thank You to all who helped raise those funds - you folks help exemplify everything the Fraternal Order of Moai is based on: Celebration / Fellowship / Good Works / Presence / Preservation / Spirit!

And now for your tiki pleasure - a few Ohana Fun Facts!

Ohana Fun Fact #94: Over 2000 cocktails were served that weekend raising nearly $2500.00 for charity - well played my slightly tipsy friends - well played - you set a new event record!
Ohana Fun Fact # 252: Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes of a charred rum keg, a cherished guardian at the Tiki Resort in Lake George, New York will be returning soon....the beloved Ik’e. This guardian of the Tiki Resort residing by the front door for many many years was missing this year due to time and the elements taking their toll on the original piece. Fear not! It will soon return in all of it's former glory, as a replica is being created as we type this. In keeping with tradition this replacement will be christened with a healthy dose of rum at the next Ohana, as was his predecessor. You will not want to miss this! So start planning NOW! Join us next year and have the the tiki time of your life - it will be the event you never forget!

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