I’VE HEARD – That The FOM Is Making A Much Needed Charitable Donation!

Let’s face it…..we are currently living in stressful times. Sheltering in place for an extended period can cause stress on even the most hardy of character. Unable to do the things we normally like to do (movies, bars, restaurants, concerts, etc.), we find ourselves wondering when things will go back to normal. It’s tough to go through something like this, and makes a lot of us feel as if we have no control over our current situations. For many people though (including some who may be reading this right now) the stress level is much higher than for others. Due to the sheltering in place rules and the closing of public areas like bars, restaurants, movies, stores, etc..; those folks now find themselves out of a job. These are the people who serve you that MaiTai with a big smile. The people who bring that PuPu Platter to your table and wish you a great evening of fun and camaraderie. So many others who serve us and make our lives a little happier in so many ways. People that we sometimes take for granted will always be there – they are being hurt badly due to the medical emergency situation we find ourselves in. As a Fraternal Order that celebrates all things Tiki, we in the FOM wanted to see if there was something we as an organization could do to help these folks in some way. That is where the USBG National Charity Foundation comes in. The USBG is dedicated to helping Service Industry professionals to weather situations like this, through Assistance Grants to Service Industry Pros. After researching what this organization does, the FOM has decided to contribute to the USBG’s ‘Bartender Emergency Assistance Program Grant’ outreach. The Fraternal Order of Moai will be making a donation of $2500.00 to the program, which is used to provide emergency funds to bartenders in the service industry during times like this. These funds will go directly to those who fill out a grant application and are approved. In our own small way, we are trying to show those folks who have taken care of us over the years in those bars and restaurants that we care and will do what we can to help their situation get a little easier to deal with.

Be proud of the fact that your FOM is doing something to help your friends and family who used to do these jobs. You can do more as well – reach out to those who find themselves in this situation. Call them. Write them. Let them know you are thinking about them and that they can count on your moral support and anything else you might be able to do to help them out. That is who we are as a people, that is who we are as an organization, that is who we are as the FOM. If you wish to make your own contribution to the ‘Bartender Emergency Assistance Program Grant’, here is the link to take you to that site: https://www.usbgfoundation.org/ .

To everyone reading this: stay strong, be there for those you know and love, and be willing to help those you don’t know. It’s how we make it through this thing!


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