I'VE HEARD! The names of the FOM 2020 Easter Island Foundation Scholarship Awards!

I'VE HEARD that its time for another reminder of the charitable spirit of the FOM! The local chapters of the FOM hold events throughout the year to raise money for many charities, both local and global. Those in the FOM know how much planning and work go into these charity events (hint: it's A LOT) but they do it because the funds we send to the EIF for their scholarship fund help the youth of that area to keep and preserve their way of life, while also improving the life condition of those who live there. To us it's worth the effort.

This year the EIF and Island Scholarship Committees awarded seven scholarships to deserving Rapa Nui students using the $14,000.00 that the EIF received from the Fraternal Order of Moai Foundation. We awarded 1 FOM Ohana Scholarship, 1 FOM Tangata Manu Scholarship, 1 FOM Roger Danger Scholarship and 4 FOM Scholarships. Here are the FOM scholarship recipients for 2020:

Guillermo Alvarez Rivera: Industrial Engineering & Applied Mathematics, Pontificia Universidad de Chile (Fraternal Order of Moai Foundation Ohana Award: $2000)

Lene Troncoso Riroroko: Medicine – Surgery, Universidad de Chile (Fraternal Order of Moai Foundation Award: $2000)

Mahani Salinas Atan: Law, Pontificia Universidad de Chile de Valparaiso (Fraternal Order of Moai Foundation Award: $2000)

Brayan Pate Tepano: Physical Training – Nutrition and Dietetics, Universidad de las Americas (Fraternal Order of Moai Foundation Award: $2000)

Micaela Anakena Cofré Pakarati: Phonoaudiology, Pontificia Universidad de Chile (Fraternal Order of Moai Foundation Roger Danger Carlson Award: $2000)

Tipanie Blanco Velásquez: Medicine, Universidad de Santiao de Chile (Fraternal Order of Moai Foundation Tangata Manu Award: $2000)

Henua Pakarati Díaz: Business Administration, Instituto Profesional Santo Tomas (Fraternal Order of Moai Foundation Award: $2000)

The Fellows in the FOM should be proud of the good they do when they help these students obtain the knowledge and skills they will need to help the people of Rapa Nui stay prosperous, safe, happy and healthy!

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