The FOM makes MAJOR Charitable Contribution In 2019!

I'VE HEARD that the FOM Foundation has made it's annual donation to the Easter Island Foundation......and it's bigger than in 2018! With so much going on in the world that can bring spirits down - here's a little something that should give all readers… more »

I'VE HEARD! OHANA Luau At The Lake 2019 Raised Big Money For Charity (and other cool facts!)

I'VE HEARD that it's time for the update on 2019's OHANA Luau At The Lake event, which happened just this last weekend! Hijinks! Tomfoolery! Damn Fool Boobery (yay Boobs)! Music, mayhem, Polynesian dance and music review, cocktails, fellowship and… more »

I’VE HEARD: Some 'Where Are They Now' Stories About FOM Scholarship Recipients!

I've HeardThe Fraternal Order of Moai has been raising charitable funds for donation to the Easter Island Foundation Scholarship Fund for many years. We have made a difference in many young people's lives in Rapa Nui by providing financial help towards… more »

I've Heard.......From Martin Cate!!!

                            In our never-ending search for all the Tiki news that fits (“If it fits – we’ll print it!”), we reached out to one of today’s Tiki Torch Bearers (TTBs) – someone who is a driving force in bringing more and more of the Tiki… more »


It's Coming! Only 1 day until Ohana at the Lake kicks off (June 22-24)! Yeah - there is going to be a lot of fun! Yeah - there is going to be a lot of music! Yeah - there is going to be a lot of Tiki vendors! Yeah - there might even be a few adult… more »

Moai form new chapter in the Peach State!

Moai form new chapter in the Peach State!
Aloha! Sound the conch and light the torches! The Fraternal Order of Moai is pleased to announce the formation of the Order's newest Chapter in Atlanta Georgia. The Tongariki chapter is devoted to the preservation of Tiki as well as doing good works… more »

Fraternal Order of Moai Red Palm Chapter funds Memorial Scholarship

The Fraternal Order of Moai Red Palms chapter has announced that they are donating $2,500 to the Easter Island Foundation from funds raised during the 2015 Chicago Area Tiki Tour. This donation will fund the "Fraternal Order of Moai Roger Carlson… more »

Fraternal Order of Moai Summer-Fall Event round up!

Aloha! As August arrives the Fraternal Order of Moai has three events to carry us into Fall. First off we have Hot Rod Hula Hop #7 presented by the Kahiki and Kon-Tiki chapters on August 7th and 8th in Columbus Ohio. This fun filled weekend kicks off… more »

One year until the Luau by the Sea!

Aloha! One year from today will be the start of the first annual Ohana: Luau by the Sea! Mark your calendar now and stay tuned for updates so you can join us iun sunny Florida October 1-3, 2015. And don't forget Ohana: Luau at the Lake, June 25-28,… more »

Happy Poreko

Aloha, The Fraternal Order of Moai was founded in Columbus, Ohio, nine years ago today on January 1, 2005. In the darkness a torch was lit and in the light of that torch was a circle of faces which founded the Fellowship. That circle continues to grow… more »

Build Your Own Lifeboat

Aloha, Tiki has been making a comeback lately by riding on the wave of the craft cocktail rage. The best cocktail bars compete to offer their interpretations of classic exotic cocktails and tiki themed events. And tikiphiles are traveling around the… more »

Gumbo Limbo Chapter Embraces Miami Rum Renaissance 2012

Aloha, The Moai are known for many things, especially their love of all things rum. So, when the Gumbo Limbo Chapter heard about Miami Rum Renaissance, an annual event held in Miami Beach, they had to check it out. The founders, Robert and Robin Burr,… more »

Hear the Call of the Tropics

Aloha, Mark your calendar for Call of The Tropics: A Festival of Tiki Art, Music and Mid-Century Culture brought to you by the Kon-Tiki Chapter of the Fraternal Order of Moai. The fest will kick off July 6, 2012, with an opening party centered around… more »

F.O.M. granted tax exempt status

Aloha, The Fraternal Order of Moai, Inc., an Ohio non-profit corporation, is pleased to announce that our application for tax exempt status as a 501(c)(10) Domestic Fraternal Society has been granted by the United States Internal Revenue Service. The… more »

Sally now heading West!

Aloha, Ipu Ki reporters have been scouring the nation searching for Sally since the spring. After many weeks of waiting we received a telegram at the Ipu Ki news hut which was a shock since Western Union stopped sending telegrams in 1996. WESTERN… more »


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